Borderline - Expanded - Limited Edition - Gil Melle

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World premiere release of vibrant, powerful Gil Melle score for Jerrold Freedman topical action thriller set amidst U.S. Border Patrol activity with Mexican migrant workers, starring Charles Bronson, Bruno Kirby and very young Ed Harris. Melle creates unusually punchy, vivid score primarily for brass, strings, keyboards, soloists using L.A. session players plus his own "Jazz Electronauts" ensemble. Results are striking, experimental. Then producers requested additional music for large symphony, alterations to numerous cues. Melle re-scored sequences with London Symphony Orchestra, melded both scores into one major work. Results combine dynamic symphonic music with flashes of experimental composition, jazz plus array of solo colors. Wow! Intrada presents full score from 1/4" 15 ips two-track stereo mixes made at both L.A. & London recording sessions, courtesy ITC Entertainment & Granada Ventures, beautifully vaulted at composer's estate. While much of score is mixed with traditional elements in mind (violins on left, cellos on right, so forth), Melle also creates experimental mixes of several cues, sending all strings in one direction, brass in another and panning percussion, electronics, soloists all across audio spectrum. Vivid listening experience! Gil Melle conducts
Track Listing
01. The First Two Thoughts 2:29
02. Borderline Titles 1:40
03. Seismic Sensor 6:19
04. Tracking 4:24
05. This Is The Place 4:27
06. News To Deliver 1:46
07. Tijuana Bar 2:14
08. Tijuana Trouble 3:17
09. Fight For Survival 7:07
10. The Big Haul Begins 4:42
11. The Watchdog 1:31
12. Prepare To Siege 3:19
13. Busting Karl 5:29
14. Find The Illegals 3:15
15. Spotting Hotchkiss 0:18
16. So Many 1:04
17. Final Chase 2:13
18. Matching Shoes 0:38
19. Borderline Credits 5:45