Boba Fett - 8" Scale Figure - Limited Edition - ARTFX

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Appearing as he did in Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett works with Darth Vader to capture the Millennium Falcon and collect on the bounty for Han Solo.
The bounty hunter is a perfect likeness of the character from the film, down to the colors on his armor and the crucial dent in his helmet.
The armour plating over a full-length bodysuit clearly shows the wear and tear of a hard life in the mercenary trade, along with all of the personal touches added by Fett over the years like the cape and unique built in weaponry; this piece really showcases his character.
Poseable in two ways (holding his gun at ease or aimed at his quarry), Fett comes with two sets of interchangeable arms and magnets in his feet for display on the included base!
Boba Fett stands almost 8-inches tall (1:10 scale).