Blue Jeans - Complete - Nico Fidenco

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Digitmovies presents for the first time on CD the original full stereo soundtrack composed by Nico Fidenco (from the same composer we have already released the OST from the movie "La ragazzina" - Digitmovies CDDM087). That time "Blue Jeans" was only released on a 45 rpm single (Rca TBBO 1114) with the songs "Blue Jeans" and "A final step" performed by the group Cyan. For this special edition CD we used every musical note recorded in full stereo and found on the original tapes preserved in the RCA archives. Nico Fidenco wrote a sweet flavoured soundtrack dominated by a pastoral main theme, a romantic ballad that we present in a slow vocal version (Tr.1) as well as in a faster one (tr.18). This particular main theme is reprised with several different arrangements using harpsichord, flute, strings and rhythms (Tr.2), guitar and strings (Tr.3); other orchestrations include a joyful version with flute and rhythmics (Tr.5), harmonica and strings (Tr.11). a country-style version using harmonica and strings (Tr.15) and a ÒvivaceÓ version using once again the harpsichord (Tr.16). Nico Fidenco provided a second main theme that we can listen both in vocal version (Tr.9) and reprised in instrumental versions (Tr.12, Tr.13).
Track Listing
1. BLUE JEANS (Titoli vocal Ð seq.1) 3:15
2. BLUE JEANS (seq.2) 3:39
3. BLUE JEANS (seq.3) 3:13
4. BLUE JEANS (seq.4) 3:37
5. BLUE JEANS (seq.5) 2:44
6. BLUE JEANS (seq.6) 4:11
7. BLUE JEANS (seq.7) 4:39
8. BLUE JEANS (seq.8) 2:23
9. A FINAL STEP 5:24
10. BLUE JEANS (seq.9) 2:17
11. BLUE JEANS (seq.10) 5:18
12. BLUE JEANS (seq.11) 1:43
13. BLUE JEANS (seq.12) 1:38
14. BLUE JEANS (seq.13) 3:11
15. BLUE JEANS (seq.14) 2:20
16. BLUE JEANS (seq.15) 2:37
17. BLUE JEANS (seq.16) 4:08
18. BLUE JEANS (Finale vocal - seq.17) 3:15