Blood From The Mummy's Tomb - Complete - Tristam Carey

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Based on Bram Stoker's novel JEWEL OF THE SEVEN STARS, this mummy movie from Hammer Studios does not have so much as one bandage wrapped zombie in any of its frames. It does, however, have the fetching Valerie Leon, in a performance that would make her an icon for Hammer, as the vessel for a long dead Egyptian queen. Leon plays Margaret, a young woman plagued by nightmares of Queen Tera, who looks exactly like her, being sealed into a tomb by a group of priests. When her archaeologist father, Julian Fuchs, gives her a ring that had belonged to Tera, it sets into motion a series of supernatural events that are destined to end with the evil Tera's rebirth. A popular success at the time of its release, BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB, a creepy, intelligent, and original take on the genre, stands as one of Hammer Studios' best films. Stars Andrew Keir, Valerie Leon, and James Villiers. 1972 (SOLD OUT!)
Track Listing
1. Opening Credits
2. Ancient Memories
3. Temple
4. Procession
5. Death
6. Mysterious Neighbor
7. Margaret's Ring
8. Crystal Ball
9. Secret in the Safe
10. Recurring Dreams
11. Discovering the Tomb
12. Perfectly Preserved
13. Professor's Curse
14. Margaret and Tera
15. Ancient Power
16. Panic
17. Journal
18. Murder in the Asylum
19. Tera's Power
20. Corbeck's Plan
21. Desperate Man
22. Futile Escape
23. Dangerous Liasion
24. Possessed
25. Doctor's Fate
26. Another Victim
27. Scroll of Life
28. Finale and End Credits
29. 1M2A Wild Take 2
30. 8M2 Wild Take 1
31. 9M1 Wild Take 1
32. 10M2 Alternative Version Wild Take 1
33. 11M1A Wild Take 1
34. 11M1B Take 1 Wild
35. 11M1C Wild Take
36. 11M1D Wild Take 1
37. 11M2A Wild Take 1
38. 11M2B Wild Take 2
39. 11M2C Wild Take 1
40. 11M2D
41. 11M2E Wild Take 1