Blondy - Expanded Score - Stelvio Cipriani

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Stelvio Cipriani's score is a real delight, dedicated to the emotional aspects of the story as Catherine Jourdan embarks on a journey to infidelity. The heavenly siren-like voice is courtesy of Edda dell'Orso. On the other hand is given an international scope with excellent source music and exciting action cues highlighting the more action-packed half of the film. This is a close approximation of the classic '60s espionage sound with a definite '70s twist to it.
The soundtrack album was only released at his date in France on LP before; this CD premiere contains the identical original program. The 12-page full color booklet is richly illustrated, liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film and the score.
Track Listing
01. Blondy (03:14)
02. LÕaveau (02:12)
03. LÕextase (01:30)
04. Une etrange attente (01:53)
05. Dans le parc (02:41)
06. Intimite (03:02)
07. La poursuite (02:01)
08. Souvenir dÕun soir (02:43)
09. Jeu au luna park (02:33)
10. La photo dans le luna park (02:25)
11. Polka dans le prater (02:03)
12. Valse dans le prater (01:23)
13. Le pub (04:22)
14. La mort de Al (03:02)