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Blazing Magnum - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Armando Trovajoli

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Without a doubt one of the best Poliziotteschi soundtracks, and by far my favorite Trovaioli album. This one smoothly transitions between downtempo lounge ballads and some hard swinging chase-type action sequences. It's an excellent commuting experience if that's your lot. Someday I'll get around to seeing the actual film, referred to by many Polizio and U.S. Action film buffs as something of a genre masterpiece, including a chase scene on par with those in Bullitt and The French Connection. The jury is out on that account, but I can vouch for the soundtrack. The gorgeous opening of "Louise", "Black Pearl Necklace", and the closing "The Story Concludes" are painfully beautiful romantic ballads. A must-have for Italian cineasts and groove-philes.
Track Listing
2.Blazing Magnum
3.Black Pearl Necklace
4.Theme For A Murder
5.Who Killed Louise?
6.A Very Strange Party
7.Tony's Back
8.A Weird Phone Call
9.The Puzzle Is Completed
11.Blind Suspence
12.The Story Concludes