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Blade Runner - Original Score - Special Edition - Vangelis

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The BLADE RUNNER Soundtrack has taken on a legendary status.  The soundtrack was composed by Vangelis for Ridley Scott's 1982 film, which is one of the finest sci-fi movies ever made.  However, the soundtrack was not released until 1994.  The sound and the look and the history are spectacular. Here's one for the audiophiles, the collectors and the sci-fi fans.

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (From "Blade Runner") 3:42
2. Blush Response 5:46
3. Wait For Me 5:27
4. Rachel's Song 4:48
5. Love Theme (From "Blade Runner") 4:55
6. One More Kiss, Dear 3:59
7. Blade Runner Blues 8:54
8. Memories Of Green 5:05
9. Tales Of The Future 4:46
10. Damask Rose 2:32
11. Blade Runner (End Titles) 4:39
12. Tears In Rain 3:00