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Black Sunday – Complete Score – Limited Edition – Les Baxter (OUT OF PRINT)


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A thirty-four minute suite from Black Sunday was originally released on LP, where it was rather ludicrously mislabeled as Black Sabbath (another great Bava film whose US release also carried a score by Les Baxter). That suite was assembled from a 7½ ips tape of not great quality. The suite received its first CD appearance on Bay Cities and then subsequently on Citadel, both releases from that same tape. Missing from the suite was not only good audio quality but also an awful lot of the film’s best music. The suite also was assembled in no particular order and didn’t really reflect the way the music was used in the film at all, not to mention that it was one long track.
For this release, we found the original mixed two-track session masters in the MGM vaults, which were in excellent condition. The best news was that those tapes contained every note of music Baxter wrote for the film. The only piece that was missing was the little thirty-second solo piano piece played by the character of Katia in the film. The sound on those original tapes is, of course, miles ahead of the previous version – it is pristine mono sound and finally allows the score to be heard in the way that it should be. We’ve assembled the score in precise film order, which is how it plays best.
So here, at long last, is Les Baxter’s great score to one of the all-time classic horror films, Mario Bava’s Black Sunday. Be afraid, be very afraid.
Track Listing
01 Warning / Prologue / The Mask
02 Main Titles
03 Carriage Ride / Strange Noises
04 The Chapel and The Legend / The Bat / Lifting The Mask / A Drop of Blood
05 Meeting Katia / Revivifying Blood
06 The Painting / Vision of the Mask / Asa’s Eyes
07 Drinking at the Inn / Scary Woods
08 Kruvajan Outside The Inn / Rise Yavuto
09 Prince Vajda Sees Yavuto / Mysterious Carriage and Ride Through The Woods
10 Kruvajan / Asa Alive
11 Kruvajan and Vajda, Kruvajan and Katia / Daybreak
12 Andre to the Castle / Dead Boris / Andre and Katia
13 That’s The Man / Find Her
14 Bleeding Dogs/Fiery Drapes / In the Garden / Strangled and Secret Passage
15 The Grave / Stake Through The Eye
16 Katia Alone and Afraid / Katia Meets Asa
17 Andre and Yavuto / Katia and Asa / Save Katia
18 Villagers To The Castle / The Cross / The Burning / Katia Alive
19 End Titles

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