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Black Emanuelle - Expanded Score - Limited Edition - Nico Fidenco

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And with great excitement that we are going to present the first of a series of releases that will complete a very special necklace. Black Emanuelle Black Emanuelle is the tread COLLECTION, 7 cd for 6 original soundtracks of the series played by Laura Gemser, all composed by Maestro Nico Fidenco. The seventh output includes the creation of a documentary on the kind of bonus materials and a box that will enclose all 7 CDs. Black Emanuelle is a beautiful sheet of Teacher Fidenco Nico, one of the leading exponents of Italian pop music with large and successful tours in music from the film, which has earned a place of absolute importance in the field.The soundtrack is composed of seventy-style arranged with orchestra and voice and the rhythm section sometimes African, a more energetic and funky: it seems at times to hear the case of Nitrogen! Definitely a must for lovers of the period, for all those who love good music and certainly for anyone who is passionate about the events of the now super cult actress Laura Gemser in the role of the beautiful Reporter! In plasticized glossy digipack with 2 doors in limited edition from 0001 to 1000 (numbering inside the box, in the inside front cover). Original artwork, photos of the scene laid out and complete the product with a 24x36 cm poster attached and liner notes written by music critic Fabio Babini.
Track Listing
1. EmanuelleÕs theme (02:41)
2. Of your body (03:22)
3. EmanuelleÕs theme (01:51)
4. Samba safari (03:17)
5. Sudden ride (00:42)
6. Black rhythum (02:17)
7. Wild cry (01:31)
8. EmanuelleÕs theme (01:03)
9. Sudden ride (01:43)
10. Thoughtless (02:36)
11. Unavoidable (02:24)
12. EmanuelleÕs theme (01:53)
13. Hawaiian sand (02:39)
14. EmanuelleÕs theme (01:22)
15. Samba safari (02:59)
16. Skin in the wind (02:01)
17. Flute and skin (00:55)
18. Rhythum again (01:49)
19. EmanuelleÕs dream (02:47)
20. Un amore impos_si_bile (02:36)
21. EmanuelleÕs theme (02:40)
22. Wild strength (03:22)
23. Wild strength (00:44)
24. EmanuelleÕs theme (01:06)
25. The rhythm goes on (01:27)
26. EmanuelleÕs theme (01:32)
27. Skin to skin (02:48)
28. EmanuelleÕs theme (02:42)
29. Skin in the wind (03:37)
30. Black rhythm (02:18)
31. Wild cry (01:29)
32. Wild strength (02:52)
33. Thoughtless (02:23)
34. Skin to skin (01:52)