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Bianco Rosso e Verdone - Expanded Score - Ennio Morricone

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The second chapter of the DDJ DLX series, which is dedicated to scores composed for Italian cult cinema, witnesses our entrance into a territory whose borders are inscribed in the purest myth. Bianco, Rosso e Verdone (1981), surely one of the most beloved movies by Italians from the Ô50s generation and onward, is one of those films gifted with such cultural penetration that its expressions became part of the common vernacular, and the situations described in it transformed into metaphors of social, emotional or simply behavioral contexts.
Every one of us has quoted Mario Brega, Furio, his wife or that absolutely brilliant icon Elena Fabrizi, and once a cinematic opera surpasses the borders of the theater in which it is screened and ingrains itself in the habits and behaviors of society, it deserves to be part of the Olympus myth.
How could we refrain from acknowledging all of the above? The wonderful score realized by Maestro Morricone is the perfect occasion for us to issue the definitive edition of the soundtrack, including some bonus material and the cue ÒDance On.Ó It is great music composed by a talented Italian composer, whose unique skill in expressing the emotions expressed on screen contributes with great ability and originality to the growth of that marmoreal milestone carved into the chapter called cult cinema. Beat Records, in collaboration with Cinevox and the historical CIAK magazine, presents this CD in a jewel case with a cardboard slipcase, with mastering by Claudio Fuiano, a 20-page booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi, liner notes by Andrea Morandi (CIAK magazine), an extensive, unpublished interview with director Carlo Verdone, a bio on Elena Fabrizi and additional notes by Daniele De Gemini. You still havenÕt ordered your copy?
Track Listing
  1. Bianco, rosso e verdone (titoli di testa) 2:23
  2. Bianco, rosso e verdone (tema d√ïamore primo) 2:42
  3. Bianco, rosso e verdone (mia cara nonnina prima) 4:27
  4. Autostrada (prima) 2:47
  5. Marcetta popolare (prima) 1:19
  6. Un povero emigrante (primo) 1:36
  7. Bianco, rosso e verdone (piano bar primo) 3:18
  8. Bianco, rosso e verdone (tema d√ïamore secondo) 0:52
  9. Marcetta popolare (seconda) 1:20
10. Autostrada (seconda) 1:12
11. Bianco, rosso e verdone (tema Italiano) 0:54
12. Un povero emigrante (secondo) 0:43
13. Bianco, rosso e verdone (piano bar secondo) 1:38
14. Un povero emigrante (terzo) 2:38
15. Marcetta popolare (terza)  2:00
16. Bianco, rosso e verdone (una fisarmonica) 0:55
17. Bianco, rosso e verdone (tema dÕamore terzo) 2:19
18. Marcetta popolare (quarta) 1:06
19. Bianco, rosso e verdone (tema dÕamore quarto) 0:55
20. Bianco, rosso e verdone (mia cara nonnina seconda)  2:42
21. Dance on  4:02
22. Autostrada (in viaggio)  1:00
23. Un povero emigrante (nostalgia pasana) 1:40
24. Bianco, rosso e verdone (un amore magico) 1:38
25. Autostrada (il viaggio continua)  2:30
26. Bianco, rosso e verdone (dedicato a Sora Lella) 1:02
27. Bianco, rosso e verdone (titoli di coda)  2:07