Ben Hur - 5CD Complete Boxset - Limited 4000 - Miklos Rozsa

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R—zsaÕs mammoth and colorfully orchestrated scoreÑover two hours longÑis rich in thematic material. Even so, over six hours of music from a single film might be a bit much for continuous listening, so FSM has organized the material into six different programs. Disc 1 and 2 are devoted to the full score (with outtakes); discs 3 and 4 present alternates from Acts One and Two in film order; disc 5 features still more alternates and bonus tracks (including a Òdo-overÓ of a Quo Vadis cue first released in FSMÕs 15CD Mikl—s R—zsa Treasury). The three ÒsoundtrackÓ LPs (all re-recordings made in Europe) make up the first half of discs 3Ð5. Befitting its scope, nearly 20,000 words of text accompany this ÒMonumentum MaximumÓ edition. About 4,000 of them appear in the 28-page booklet, beautifully designed by FSM art director Joe Sikoryak and featuring track lists, film stills, poster art, album covers and essays on film (by Jeff Bond) and score (by Frank K. DeWald). In order to make the set more affordable, FSM is providing the rest of the notes onlineÑfor free. These include a track-by-track analysis of the film score, original LP liner notes and an explication of the various alternates and album versions.With audio restored, remixed and assembled by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk and with digital mastering by Doug Schwartz (a veteran of RhinoÕs distinguished 2CD set from 1996), this stunning release is the capstone of FSMÕs commitment (now totaling 40 discs) to this outstanding Golden Age composer
Track Listing
The Film Score (Part One)
M-G-M Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
Mikl—s R—zsa, conductor
Overture 6:29
Anno Domini 1:31
Star of Bethlehem/Adoration of the Magi 3:31
Shofar Call 0:45
Fanfare to Prelude/Prelude/Marcia Romana 3:59
Spirit and Sword 0:50
Salute for Messala 0:10
Friendship 4:22
The House of Hur 1:42
Conflict 1:41
Esther 2:34
The Unknown Future (outtake) 0:43
Love Theme/Ring for Freedom 4:47
Salute for Gratus 0:33
Gratus' Entry to Jerusalem 1:56
Arrest (outtake) 1:18
Reminiscences 1:47
Condemned (outtake) 0:56
Escape (outtake) 2:07
Vengeance 0:47
The PrisonÑPart One/The PrisonÑPart Two (partial outtake) 0:46
The Desert/Exhaustion/The Prince of Peace/Roman Galley 7:31
Salute for Arrius 0:21
Quintus Arrius 0:41
Roman Fleet (partial outtake) 1:05
The Galley 3:18
Rest 1:19
Battle Preparations/The Pirate Fleet/Attack!/Ramming Speed/Battle/Rescue 9:50
Roman Sails 0:47
The Rowers 0:26
Victory Parade 2:24
Victory Finale 0:27
Total Disc Time: 72:02
The Film Score (Part Two)
Fertility Dance 1:02
Arrius' Party 1:13
Nostalgia/Farewell to Rome 2:14
A Barren Coast (outtake) 0:26
Judea/Balthazar 2:25
Balthazar's World 1:56
Homecoming 1:21
Memories/Hatred 4:22
Lepers 1:01
Return/Promise 5:21
Sorrow and Intermission 1:22
Entr'Acte 3:47
Panem et Circenses (version I) 0:52
Circus Fanfares Nos. 1-4 0:42
Panem et Circenses (version II) 0:45
New Fanfare for Circus Parade (Parade of the Charioteers) 3:15
Circus Fanfare No. 6 (Fanfare for Start of Race) 0:11
Panem et Circenses (version III) 0:57
Circus Fanfare No. 7 (Ben-Hur Crowned) 0:16
Bitter Triumph 0:46
Aftermath 1:16  
Valley of Lepers/The Search 2:53
The Uncleans 2:29
Road of Sorrow 2:49
The Mount/The Sermon 1:18
Valley of the Dead/Tirzah Saved 4:00
The Procession to Calvary/The Bearing of the Cross/Recognition 7:06
Aftermath (Crucifixion) 2:21
Golgotha 0:53
Shadow of a Storm (outtake) 1:01
The Miracle/Finale 4:53
Total Disc Time: 67:49
The Savina Album
Symphony Orchestra of Rome and Singers of the Roman Basilicas
Carlo Savina, conductor
Prelude 3:23
Adoration of the Magi 2:15
Roman March 1:21
Friendship 1:38
Love Theme of Ben-Hur 2:49
The Burning Desert 5:03
The Rowing of the Galley Slaves 2:46
Naval Battle 2:45
Return to Judea 2:03
Victory Parade 2:13
The Mother's Love 2:59
The Lepers' Search for the Christ 2:31
The Procession to Calvary 4:30
The Miracle and Finale 3:37
Total Time: 40:11
Act One Alternates
Star of Bethlehem (alternate chorus) 1:33
Adoration of the Magi (alternate chorus) 2:04
Prelude (alternate take) 1:58
Spirit and Sword (alternate I) 0:56
Revenge (outtake) 1:22
The Desert/Exhaustion/The Prince of Peace/Roman Galley (alternate sequence) 7:35
Roman Fleet (alternate) 1:06
The Galley (alternate) 3:14
Rest (alternate) 0:55
Battle PreparationsÑPart Two (alternate) 0:49
Roman Sails (alternate) 0:47
Victory Parade (short version) 1:36
Fertility Dance (orchestra only) 0:58
Arrius' Party (long version)
Judea (alternate) 2:56
Homecoming (alternate) 1:43
Sorrow (alternate I) 1:03
Intermission (alternate I) 0:33
Total Time: 33:34
Total Disc Time: 73:58
The First Kloss Album
Frankenland State Symphony Orchestra
Erich Kloss, conductor
Prelude 3:26
The Adoration of the Magi 2:10
Roman March 1:16
Friendship 1:45
Love Theme of Ben-Hur 2:41
The Burning Desert 5:02
The Rowing of the Galley Slaves 2:48
Naval Battle 2:50
Return to Judea 2:14
Victory Parade 2:13
The Mother's Love 2:28
The Lepers' Search for the Christ 2:16
The Procession to Calvary 4:27
The Miracle and Finale 3:38
Act Two Alternates
Entr'Acte (alternate) 3:49
Panem et Circenses (complete version) 1:10
Circus Parade (Parade of the Charioteers) (film edit) 2:13
Aftermath (alternate I) 1:31
The Search (alternate) 1:40
Road of Sorrow (alternate) 2:49
The Sermon (alternate I) 0:34
Valley of the Dead/Tirzah Saved (alternate) 4:01
The Procession to Calvary/The Bearing of the Cross/Recognition (alternate sequence) 7:17
Aftermath (alternate II) 2:20
Golgotha (alternate I) 1:33
The Miracle/Finale 4:26
Entr'Acte (original version) 3:36
Total Time: 37:34
Total Disc Time: 77:33
The Second Kloss Album