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Battlestar Galactica - Expanded Score - Stu Phillips

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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was released in 1979, during the post-Star Wars science fiction age. Now, at the time of a new wave of Star Wars hysteria and to coincide with a June release on DVD, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA comes to CD for the first time. The film starred Lorne Greene as Commander Adams with Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict as Apollo and Starbuck.

Stu PhillipsÕ noble and heroic main theme from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA has emerged as one of the true classics of its time. Alongside the great science fiction scores of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, Stu PhillipsÕ music for this film has more than held its own. Featuring 20-bit digital sound, inlcuding music that has never been available before and with composer Stu Phillips conducting the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA has never sounded better!
Track Listing
1. Prologue/Main Title* (3:50)
2. Battlestar Galactica Theme* (1:28)
3. The Destruction of Peace (4:00)
4. Fighter Launch/Mysterious Derelict/Zac in Trouble (3:16)
5. Adama's Theme/The Residue of War (4:24)
6. Sex at Last/Cassiopea & Starbuck (2:39)
7. Cylon Freighter/The Trap (3:56)
8. Cylon Attack/The End of Atlantia (2:14)
9. Symptoms/Boxey's Problems/Serena's Illness (3:53)
10. Suffering (2:22)
11. Red Nova (2:50)
12. More Than a Father/And the People Rejoiced (1:09)
13. Ready Room/Scramble to Safety/Imperious Leader (3:33)
14. Escape from the Ovion Mines (2:12)
15. Dash to the Elevator (1:24)
16. Red & Blue/Destruction of Carillon (2:42)
17. Exodus One/End Credits* (1:38)