Battle Of The Bulge - Original Score - Limited Edition - Benjamin Frankel

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First time ever released on CD in the USA, this is the reissue of the original Warner Bros Records LP. This is a limited edition release that will make it a must-have for Golden Age film score collectors.
Frankel was one of the leading musical figures of post-War Britain, as a composer for the concert hall and for films. Before that, he was a leading jazz violinist and arranger, as well as musical director for numerous shows. His eight symphonies - composed between 1958 and 1972 - earned him a reputation as one of the leading symphonists of his generation and built on the respect already generated by numerous chamber works and the Violin Concerto of 1951.
His film and TV credits ultimately numbered over 100, of which most were feature films, many of them regarded as classics (including The Seventh Veil and Battle of the Bulge). Frankel was also active as a teacher of composition, spending the years 1946-56 as the leading professor at the Guildhall School of Music.
Track Listing
1 Prelude (02:57)
2 Kiley's Plane Chases Hessler's Car (03:34)
3 Panzerlied (The Tankmen's Song) (02:22)
4 Interlude with a Courtesan 1st Class (02:51)
5 The German Tanks Emerge and Break Through (07:22)
6 1st Tank Battle (08:54)
7 The Massacre of the American Prisoners (03:10)
8 The Attack on the Fuel Depot Fails and Hessler is Killed (06:38)
9 The Panzermen Abandon their Tanks: Victory and Postlude (02:13)