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Batman & Robin - 2 x CD Expanded Score - Special Edition - Elliot Goldenthal

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Finally, Elliot Goldenthal's stunning score to the so so entry in the Batman franchise, Batman & Robin. This 1997 attempt was not the hit it was intended, however the saviour is no doubt the score composed by maestro Goldenthal. His style & skill to mask the poor movie did manage to work, rivalling the works of Danny Elfman and having such grand scale, seems somewhat out of place in this movie. This 2CD Expanded edition comprises the entire score inc alternates cues.
Track Listing
01-Main Title 2:20
02-A New Villian/Batman Drops In 5:38
03-Museum Mayham 5:55
04-Frozen Stiff/The Jungle 2:32
05-Bane Is Born 4:35
06-The Nature Of Family 0:48
07-Poisen Ivy/Freezes Plan 4:59
08-New Family Arrives 3:57
09-Poisen Ivy Arrives/Gotham Obersvatory 1:57
10-Mine For The Greening/Sad Moments 3:12
11-One More Dimond/The Ball 4:48
12-Freezes Crashes The Party 4:19
13-A Chilling Chase 2:34
14-A Matter Of Trust 2:21
15-Freeze On Ice/Renovation 6:03
16-Batman Overture 3:35
Running Time 59:23

01-Song/Dick Saves Barb 2:56
02-Secrets Revealed/Alferd's Dying 1:44
03-Escaping From Arkham/Freeze's Revenge 14:22
04-Adam And Evil 0:55
05-Macgregor's Syndrome 0:33
06-Partners Part/Seeing The Light 5:17
07-Acces Allowed/Trust me Now/Barb Suits Up 7:11
08-Ivy's Garden 4:41
09-Ice Malice 3:04
10-Final Confrontation/A Helping Hand 13:11
11-Partners x 2:04
12-End Credits 2:19
13-Main Titles (reprise) 2:17
Running Time 58:12