Varese Sarabande

Back to The Future - Original Scores - (Re-recording) - John Debney / Alan Silvestri

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The Back to the Future Trilogy is the licensed soundtrack to the Back to the Future film series. It was released under VarÔøΩse Sarabande on September 21, 1999. The album consists of numerous Alan Silvestri cues from all three Back to the Future films and a rare track from Universal Studios Theme Park's Back to the Future: The Ride. Whilst the tracks from Part III are from the original soundtrack, those for Part I, Part II and The Ride are rerecordings performed by John Debney and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.
Track Listing
Back to the Future
    Back to the Future
    Skateboard Chase
    Marty's Letter
    Clocktower Pt. 1
    Clocktower Pt. 2/Helicopter
    '85 Lone Pine Mall
    Doc Returns
Back to the Future Part II
    Hill Valley, 2015
    Burn the Book
    He's Gone
    The Letter
    I'm Back
    End Logo
    The West
Back to the Future Part III
    Main Title
    Point of No Return (The Train Pt. III)
    End Credits
The Ride
    Back to the Future: The Ride