Baby's Day Out - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Bruce Broughton

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Fun, adventure, sentiment, actionÉ all appear in premiere release of Bruce Broughton score for 1994 John Hughes production! Joe Mantegna, Lara Flynn Boyle, Joe Pantoliano star, John Hughes scripts, Patrick Read Johnson directs. Bennington Austin ÒBinkÓ Cowell IV is kidnappedÉ and heÕs just an infant! So sets in motion this both zany and sentimental adventure with antics and hijinks, perils and pratfalls, chases and rescues galore. Enter Bruce Broughton and his 100-plus musicians, leading step all the way! Wall-to-wall. In fact, some 80-minutes of this 99-minute movie carry music! A particular favorite of BroughtonÕs, the music features a lavish waltz in grand manner during the latter half of the picture as well as always-elegant ÒclassicallyÓ drawn main themes that launch the adventure and bring it to a close. In between are ideas by turns sweet (ÒHomesickÓ) and exciting (ÒBink Finds A BusÓ). ThereÕs even a four-note secondary idea, distinctive by its tritone interval, that assumes an important role, underlining the action throughout. ItÕs fun to hear this score begin in unassuming fashion with just animated violins under solo oboe, then expand into numerous themes and styles, ever symphonic, always melodic, richly harmonic. Bink gets the friendly melody, three robbers get the darker theme. Every instrument in the orchestra has plenty to say. Lengthy sequence at construction site deserves spotlight but two additional highlights earn attention: ÒThe Department StoreÓ, ÒStreet CrossingÓ. Both cues offer Broughton in rousing major-key adventure mode. The composer at his most resplendent. Entire 80-minute CD mastered from two-track digital scoring session mixes made by Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox Studios in May & June 1984, all courtesy Fox. Flipper-style booklet designed by Kay Marshall, informative notes by Julie Kirgo highlight handsome package. Triple-threat team of Broughton, Douglass Fake and Nick Redman supervise production. Bruce Broughton composes, orchestrates, conducts.

Track Listing
01. Main Title (2:26)
02. The Boo Boo Book (1:16)
03. The Three Furies (1:22)
04. The Boys Arrive (1:18)
05. Garment Du Jour (2:41)
06. Stealing Bink (1:43)
07. Changing Bink (1:23)
08. FBI Arrives (0:39)
09. Bink Starts Off (2:55)
10. Baby On The Roof (2:21)
11. Bink Finds A Bus (4:18)
12. The Fat Lady (1:43)
13. The Department Store (2:14)
14. The Taxi (1:48)
15. Not Bink (1:30)
16. Street Crossing (2:15)
17. Baby Tracks (1:11)
18. The Shoelace (1:41)
19. The Mop Bit (1:31)
20. Up In Arms (2:09)
21. The KidÕs Gone Again (1:15)
22. Homesick (1:50)
23. The Rabbit Hole (2:40)
24. Summer Barbecue (4:51)
25. In The Nursery (1:47)
26. The Construction Site (7:28)
27. VeekoÕs Next (3:02)
28. Quitting Time (4:41)
29. I Know Where He Is (3:23)
30. Boo Boo At The Tick Tock (1:30)
31. HeÕs Back (3:30)
32. End Credits (5:03)