Avatar – 2 x CD Complete Score – Limited Edition – James Horner


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James Horner’s incredible score to the huge James Cameron hit from 2009. Avatar. Presenting for the first time the expanded version of Horner’s work can be fully appreciated. The choral & symphonic feel of the climatic finale really do showcase this CD. James Horner has always pursued his style & thematic signature. this is without a doubt a shining example of a master composer at work.
Over 150 mins of stunning music on pressed discs. complete with colour booklet. liner notes and production photos.& Limited Stock!
Track Listing
DISC ONE (77:27)
01-“You Don’t Dream In Cryo”
02-Quaritch Speech
03-First Look
04-Real Legs
05-Jake Enters His Avatar World
06-Into the Na’Vi World
07-Thanator Chase Pt. 1
08-Thanator Chase Pt. 2
09-Pure Spirits of The Forest
10-Jake Meets the Na’Vi
11-Na’Vi Hometree Chant
12-Na’Vi Hometree Chant II
13-Jake Sleeps
14-The Plan
15-The Plan (Alternate)
16-The Village – Jake’s First Ride
17-The Floating Mountains Pt. I
18-The Floating Mountains Pt. II
19-The Floating Mountains Pt. III
20-Becoming One of “The People”
21-Night Iridescence
22-Climbing Up Iknimaya
23-Jake’s First Flight
24-Intro 25-Great Leonoptryx
26-A Man of My Word
27-Mated For Life
28-Scorched Earth

DISC TWO (74:34)
01-Quaritch Pulls The Plug
02-No Reasoning
03-Quaritch Speech
05-The Destruction of Home Tree
06-Shutting Down Grace’s Lab
07-Escape from Hellgate
08-Help for Grace
09-Bonding With Leonoptryx
10-Funeral Chant
11-Prayers for Grace
12-Grace’s Death
13-Gathering the Na’Vi Clans for Battle
14-Battle Plan
15-Jake Prays to Eywa
17-The Battle Continues
18-Quaritch Down
19-Fight to the Death
20-A New Beginning
21-Quaritch Takes Over
22-Jake’s First Flight End Credit Edit
23-Gathering The Na’Vi Clans End Credit Edit

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