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Anthropophagous 2 - DVD - (Uncut) - Limited Edition - Andreas Schnaas

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Nikos and his family are trapped during a heavy storm in a boat, leading to the unfortunate death of their daughter Vicky. Nikos becomes mad with the desire to survive, and he begins to kill and eat his own wife. Nikos manages to reach the shore of a small island, but his appetite for human flesh has consumed him. A group of young people on vacation have an unfortunate meeting with Niko. Will these youngsters make it out alive? 
Massacre Video proudly presents, ANTHROPOPHAGOUS 2000, from the German Splatter master Andreas Schnaas, fully uncut for the first time ever!

Special Features:
  • English Subtitles
  • Rare Deleted Scenes
  • Image Gallery including Stills, Original Storyboards And More!
  • Trailers For Other Massacre Video Releases
  • Region free