Altered States - Original Score - Limited 2500 Copies - John Corigliano

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La-La Land Records and Sony Music are proud to present a newly remastered soundtrack to one of the most unique scores of the 1980Õs Ð ALTERED STATES, a film starring William Hurt and Blair BrownÉdirected by Ken Russell. This ground breaking score has been completely remastered by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios in New York. Composer John Corigliano supervised the production to ensure that his landmark score sounds better than ever! Brand new liner notes by Jeff Bond feature interviews with editor Stuart Baird and composer John Corigliano as they take you behind the scenes of one of the most influential film scores of the 1980Õs. Crisp, detailed, and vibrant not only describe this newly remastered cd, but also art director Dan GoldwasserÕs impeccable art direction. A must have for any true film score fanatic! As per Mr. Corigliano's request this cd features the exact program of the LP and does not contain any additional music.
Track Listing
1. Main Title and First Hallucination (4:43)
(Ritual Sacrifice and Religious Memories)
2. Love Theme (3:39)
3. Second Hallucination (5:15)
(Hinchi Mushroom Rite and Love Theme Trio)
4. First Transformation (3:40)
(Primordial Regression)
5. Primeval Landscape (2:18)
(In The Isolation Chamber)
6. Second Transformation (8:06)
(The Ape Man Sequence; Escape from the Laboratory, Stalking the Dogs and
the Fight, The Zoo and Final Hunt)
7. Religious Memories and FatherÕs Death (2:06)
8. The Laboratory Experiment (6:16)
(JessupÕs Transformation; Collapse of the Laboratory; The Whirlpool and
Journey to Another Dimension; Return to Reality)
9. The Final Transformation (4:16)