All I Want For Christmas - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Bruce Broughton

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TisÕ the season! Bruce Broughton score for ParamountÕs holiday gift for Christmas 1991 gets attention at last! Harley Jane Kozak, Jamey Sheridan are divorced mom and dad, Ethan Randall and then 9-year old Thora Birch play the kids (Ethan and Hallie), Kevin Nealon, Lauren Bacall, Leslie Nielsen (as Santa Claus) provide the sweet-sentimental support. Warm, funny film is the kind in which, in BroughtonÕs own words, ÒYou like the people and you like what happened and you like the result, and it came out pretty much the way you hoped that it would.Ó Broughton scores for orchestra with several ideas ranging from heartfelt strings and guitar reflecting the love story, cues for the seasonal atmosphere appropriately scored for piano, sleigh bells, glockenspiel, celesta, triangle, upper woodwinds and vibraphone to more dramatic - even exuberant - full orchestral sequences. There are also gently playful ideas for ÒSnowballÓ, the white mouse, HallieÕs beloved pet. ÓThe scoring needs of the picture were economical and the cues often necessarily short, but even with the briefest of cues, Broughton ensures they have thematic unity and play as complete pieces, much like an extended ÒdivertimentoÓ for orchestra. He got the assignment from the director based on his work for Silverado and his approach here offers similar nods to an open-air Americana musical vernacular. The entire original score appears, mastered from the complete digital two-track session elements courtesy Paramount Pictures, mixed by veteran scoring engineer Armin Steiner. Sessions were held at the 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage in October 1991. An album on the Curb Records label was issued at the time of the filmÕs November 1991 premiere and divided between original songs by David Foster and Linda Thompson, traditional Christmas music by various artists and six score selections. This Intrada CD focuses solely on the complete score by Broughton plus the source music he either wrote, arranged with orchestrator Don Nemitz or conducted during his sessions. Broughton did prepare an instrumental arrangement of FosterÕs gentle song for one scene in the picture and it is premiered on this CD as well. Graphic presentation by Kay Marshall. Notes by Tim Greiving include numerous quotes from newly-interviewed director and composer. Don Nimitz orchestrates, Bruce Broughton composes, conducts.

Track Listing
01. On The Street (1:03)
02. Meet Michael (0:49)
03. At The Museum (1:08)
04. Station Goodbye (0:26)
05. WhatÕre We Gonna Do? (0:48)
06. IÕm Getting Married (0:49)
07. Going To MacyÕs (2:35)
08. Ethan And Hallie (0:25)
09. The Snowball Ploy (2:18)
10. Thickening The Plot (1:04)
11. Working Out Perfectly (0:36)
12. Tony In The Truck (1:58)
13. Way To Go, Hal! (0:40)
14. All I Want Ð Instrumental (David Foster/Linda Thompson) (1:43)
15. Favorite Adventure (0:46)
16. Together Again (1:40)
17. Playing In The Snow (2:40)
18. The Christmas Gift (Revised) (3:38)
19. Thank You, Santa! (3:42)
     Total Score Time: 29:00

The Extras Ð Instrumental Source
Music Conducted by Bruce Broughton

20. Mall Medley
     (Traditional, Arranged by Don Nemitz) (3:15)
21. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
     (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) (2:05)
22. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
     (Felix Mendelssohn, Arranged by Bruce Broughton) (1:22)
23. Waltz Of The Flowers
     (Pyotr Illich Tchaikovsky) (0:46)
24. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
     (Hugh Martin/Ralph Blaine, Arranged by Don Nemitz) (2:09)
     Source Music Time: 9:39

Additional Music by Bruce Broughton

25. The Santy Song Ð Piano Solo (2:43)
26. Pet Shop (0:13)
27. The Christmas Gift (3:20)
     Additional Music Time: 6:20