Airplane II The Sequel - Complete Score - Limited 1500 Copies - Richard Hazard

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La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present the world premiere release of the motion picture score to the 1982 Paramount Pictures feature film comedy AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL, starring Robert Hayes, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges and William Shatner, and directed by Ken Finkleman. Composer Richard Hazard (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Õ69, MANNIX, NICKELODEON) expertly adapts Elmer BernsteinÕs iconic AIRPLANE! score, while also providing his own exciting original music to help launch this sequelÕs doomed airliner and its nutty cast of characters into the cosmos! Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson from an analog-to-digital transfer and new stereo mix by John Davis, this special release is limited to 1500 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Brian Satterwhite and high-flying art design by Goldwasser. In the years since its initial release, AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL has stepped out from the large shadow of its classic forefather to enjoy a cult status all its own. Finally, its time for its lively score to be celebrated as well. So there!

Track Listing

Main Title   1:35
Airport Check-Ins¤ 4:12
ÒItÕs Out of Our Hands NowӤ/Hospital Flashback/Shuttle Workers 2:36
Gift Shop/Ted and Elaine¤/Ticket Scalper¤* 1:43
Take-Off**  1:21
Closet Vacuum¤**/Hysterical Flashback¤/Elaine Testifies¤ 3:06
Shuttle Fly-By/Computer Core¤¤/IÕll Keep It With Me 1:44
Fire in the Core¬§/That√ïs Strange¬§¬§ 1:43 
ÒAre There Any Other Problems?Ӥ 1:13
ÒAre You Telling Us Absolutely Everything?Ó*/Out of Coffee¤ 1:41
Oveur Gassed* 0:32
Simon Cops Out¤/Simon Falls Apart 1:38
Out of My Way/ÒThis Is the FutureӤ** 1:09
Did I Leave the Iron On? /Priest/News Flash 1:27
Bacon and Eggs 1:28
IÕll Do My Best** 2:07
Planting the Bomb  1:00
Hyperspace /Beeping and Flashing¤/A Piece of Metal¤ 3:43
WeÕre Not Stopping 3:54
Down Safe¤ 1:33
End Credits  1:33
Bonus Tracks
Airport Check-Ins (alternate)¤ 2:21
Gift Shop (alternate) 0:15
Planting the Bomb (alternate)  1:01