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Absurd - 2LP Black Vinyl - Limited Edition - Carlo Maria Cordio

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Music By Carlo Maria Cordio
Limited Edition
Death Waltz Recording Company in conjunction with PentaMusic is proud to unleash another cult classic from the video nasty era (and their first in an ongoing series from the legendary CAM Records in Italy) with Carlo Maria CordioÕs musical score to Joe DÕAmatoÕs notorious ABSURD (aka ROSSO SANGUE). A pseudo-sequel to ANTHROPOPHAGUS, the film reunited DÕAmato with George Eastman, star of the previous film, and brought the action from Greece to America where the near-invincible Mikos escapes from a hospital to go on a typically gory killing spree. Using drills, band saws, axes, scissors, and an oven, Mikos terrorises the kids of an American (Italian) family until he gets his inevitable comeuppance courtesy of a drawing compass.
Double vinyl housed inside a Gatefold sleeve printed on 425gsm reverse board featuring embossed intestines and an exclusive lobby card. Cover art by Wes Benscoter.
22 tracks (8 of which have never been heard before) & includes not only the full score to Absurd but also all of the cues used in the legendary splatter movie Pieces. Exclusively re-mastered for vinyl from the original CAM tapes. 
Track Listing