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A Streetcar Named Desire - Complete Score - Alex North / Jerry Goldsmith

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The original score by Alex North. Just as Brando was re-writing the rulebook in front of the camera, North was also re-writing it from the scoring stage. In an era saturated with the romantic European sensibilities of Korngold and others, North's score was a bolt from the blue, the very first one to draw on 20th century jazz as a dramatic device. A landmark in film scoring, it was a watershed moment that influenced virtually every other composer, from Elmer Bernstein (The Man with the Golden Arm) to Jerry Goldsmith (Chinatown).

Track Listing

R1 - Main Title (1:23)
R2 - New Orleans Street (1:29)
R3 - Belle RÔøΩve Reflections (2:15)
R4 - Stan Meets Blanche (3:03)
R5 - Blanche And Mitch (3:43)
R6 - Stan And Stella (3:01)
R7 - Blanche (2:43)
R8 - Belle RÔøΩve (2:50)
R9 - Birthday Party (3:09)
R10 - Revelation (5:12)
R11 - Mania (2:01)
R12 - Soliloquy (3:50)
R13 - Seduction  (4:31)
R14 - Della Robia Blue (2:52)
R15 - The Doctor / Affirmation (4:16)