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A Nighmare On Elm St Part 1 & Part 2 - Original Scores - Christopher Young / Charles Bernstein

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Together for the first time! Both the classic entries in the horror franchise, A Nightmare On Elm St & Freddy's Revenge: Elm St 2. Charles Bernstein's classic electronic score was immensly influencial and ranked it as one of the most haunting horror scores for many years. With the sequel, newcomer, Christopher Young scored with orchestra and can clearly hear the strong style he would carry over to Hellraiser, Hellraiser II & Species. A stunning CD and a hallmark of 80's horror scoring.
Track Listing
Elm Street
1. Prologue
2. Main Title
3. Laying the Traps
4. Dream Attack
5. Rod Hanged/Night Stalking
6. Jail Cell
7. Confrontation
8. Sleep Clinic
9. Terror in The Tub
10. No Escape
11. School Horror/Stay Awake
12. Lurking
13. Telephone Terror
14. Fountain of Blood
15. Evil Freddy
16. Final Search
17. Run, Nancy!
Elm Street II
18. Main Title
19. ...And Leave The Driving To Us
20. Furnace Flare-Up
21. Kissing Freddy on the Catwalk
22. Chest-Burster
23. Jump Rope
24. Fire Bird
25. Dream Heat
26. Necromancer's Spell
27. "Kill For Me"
28. Sports Attack/Threatening Angela
29. Freed of Her
30. Snake-In-The-Class