55 Days At Peking - 2 x CD Complete Score - Dimitri Tiomkin

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La-La Land Records and Sony Music presents the remastered and expanded 2-CD SET of legendary composer Dimitri TiomkinÕs (SHADOW OF A DOUBT, GIANT, RIO BRAVO, THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA) score to the 1963 motion picture epic 55 DAYS AT PEKING, starring Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner and David Niven, directed by Nicholas Ray. Tiomkin's robust orchestral score, regarded as one of his finest works, soars with excitement and boundless creativity. Expanded by well over an hour beyond its original LP release, this comprehensive re-issue contains additional material that was not used in the final cut of the film. Produced by Didier C. Deutsch and Mark G. Wilder, and mastered by Mark G. Wilder from recently discovered Sony Music vault elements, this release is a must for all golden age score enthusiasts. The handsome 24-Page booklet contains exclusive, in-depth liner notes by film music writer Frank K. DeWald. This is a limited edition of 2500 units.

Track Listing

Overture 2:57
Main Title 3:04
√íPeking, China, the summer of the year 1900...√ì *  :46
Order From A Prime Minister / In The Palace * 1:47 
Oriental * 1:21 
The Water Wheel Torture * 1:38 
A Dead British Missionary * :40
Welcome Marines 1:56 
Hotel Blanc  2:26 
Lewis And NatashaÕs First Encounter * 2:21
Prince Tuan * 2:05  
Dance At The British Embassy (Mono)* (The Belfry Two-Step) 3:07 Conducted by Herb Taylor
The Boxers Entertain* 2:44)
Natasha√ïs Waltz 2:22 
Murder Of The German Minister 2:13
Mass Execution * :30 
An Empress√ï Warning* 1:11 
Rescued From An Angry Crowd * 1:10
Preparing For Battle * 2:14
Natasha Visits A Chinaman * 1:39
Lewis And Natasha Disagree *+ 1:11
Attack On The French Legation 3:18
British Soldier Wounded*  :50
On Top Of The Wall* 2:07
All Quiet On The Eastern Front* (Mono) :35
Here They Come (Peking First Battle) 2:46
Hospital Scene* 1:05
Moon Fire 5:44
Disc One Time: 55:49


Intermission: The Peking Theme (So Little Time) 2:29 (D. Tiomkin/P.F. Webster)
ChildrenÕs Corner 1:40
At The Hospital* 1:06   
A Message From Admiral Sidney* 1:21
Lewis And Natasha* 3:04
Theresa In Danger* 1:56
Religious Ceremony / Covert Operation* 4:15   
Spoiling The EmpressÕ Party: Explosion Of The Arsenal 2:39
Old Soldiers Never Volunteer* 2:15
Lewis Saves The Boy* 1:49
Necklace For Drugs* 1:15
The Truce Is Over* 1:08
Theresa And Lewis* 1:01
Death Of Natasha+ 2:52 
A New Kind Of Weapon* 2:28
Peking Second BattleH:45
Bad News* 2:18
Attack On The Compound* 1:51
Help Arrives 2:52
The Empress Alone* 1:37
Auld Lang Syne* :42 (Sir Arthur And Lewis Say Goodbye)
End Title 1:37
Exit Music: The Peking Theme   (So Little Time) 2:50 (D. Tiomkin/P.F. Webster) Vocal: Andy Williams
So Little Time* (Mono) EP version 2:15
March* (Mono) EP version 1:56
Natasha* (Mono) EP version 1:57 27 Theresa* (Mono) EP version 2:06
So Little Time (Mono) Single version 2:16
Moon Fire (Mono) Single version 2:02
Disc Two Time: 58:21
* Previously unreleased
+ Unused in film