Wow! Elliot Goldenthal's milestone score to the hit 1993 sci-fi horror sequel, Alien 3. Directed by David Fincher, his original vision was rejected & 20th Century Fox cut and edited the movie regardless of Fincher's superb skill. However, luckily the score by Elliot Goldenthal was the highlight. Supremely dark and tenseful, this orchestral triumph ranked as one of his best works. This 2CD special edition comprises the entire recording sessions new & sealed, complete with colour inlays, pressed discs. Excellent!
Track Listing
01-Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (0:12)
02-Main Title (4:31)
03-Main Title Cont'd (2:12)
04-The Survivor Is A Woman (1:55)
05-They Didn't Survive (0:32)
06-The Wreckage (1:36)
07-The Dog (0:28)
08-Morgue (2:43)
09-Autopsy (2:09)
10-Outbreak Of Cholera (0:55)
11-The Cremation (3:58) 
12-Chow Down With The Boys (2:32) 
13-How Do You Like Your Haircut (1:55)
14-First Attack (1:13)
15-Appreciative Of Your Affections (1:42)
16-That's His Boot (1:19)
17-A Mark, A Burn (0:51)
18-Droid-Rape (2:29)
19-Candles In The Wind (3:19)
20-Bishop Turned On (2:17)
21-The Dragon (1:13)
22-You're Going To Die Too (0:42)

01-It's A Long Sad Story (1:28)
02-Clemens Dies (2:45)
03-Andrew's Sting (0:14)
04-What Are We Going To Do (4:24)
05-The Explosion (2:07)
06-The Aftermath (1:00)
07-I Have To Get To The Ship (1:40)
08-The Beast Within (2:12)
09-In The Basement (1:28)
10-Alien's Lair (3:22)
11-It Won't Kill Me (3:09)
12-I'm Not One For Begging (2:03)
13-This Was Her Idea (0:55)
14-It's Started (4:34)
15-It's Started Pt 2 (3:29)
16-More Bait And Chase (2:20)
17-Trap The Alien-Dillon's Deliverance (1:44)
18-Gotcha (0:55)
19-Hello I Must Be Going (1:36)
20-You Can Still Have A Life (4:14)
21-End Credits (5:42)
22-Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (0:12) 

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Alien 3 - 2 x CD Complete Score - Special Edition - Elliot Goldenthal

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