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Demons - Original Score - (Purple Vinyl) - Limited 666 Copies - Claudio Simonetti

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Deluxe and definitive release of the Iconic Horror Film soundtrack firmed by Claudio Simonetti for the Horror/Gore movie Demons by Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava.

The lower tones as the main characters move through the dark theater give a distinctly ‘creepy’ air to the movie. A distinctly fightening melody characterizes the ‘transformation’ sequences as the 2nd prostitute slowly becomes a demon. The same melody appears throughout the film in different places.

Limited edition 666 copies with Gatefold cover + Poster + Metropol Ticket + Colored marble vinyl

Track Listing
1. Demon
2. Cruel Demon
3. Killing
4. Threat
5. The Evil One
6. Out of Time
7. Demon (Reprise)


1. Demon's Louge (Previously Unreleased Song)
2. Demon - Demo Version - 1985
3. Killing - Demo Version -1985
4. Demon - Demo played on Piano - 1985
5. Demon - Simonetti Horror Project version - 1990
6. Demon - Daemonia Live Version 202