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Army Of Darkness - 2 x LP Gatefold Vinyl - Limited Edition - Joseph LoDuca

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The artwork for this release is by Richey Beckett and, as you can see, it√ïs got an explosion of skeletons and evil folk 8climbing out of the Necronomicon while our hero looks awesome brandishing his trademark boomstick. The music from the 1993 movie was composed by Joseph LoDuca, with the √íMarch of the Dead Theme√ì written by none other than Danny Elfman. The vinyl features the music performed by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. For those who know about such things, it√ïs been pressed on Baby Black Vinyl in the hefty 180 gram that collectors love. The 1992 instalment of the Evil Dead franchise featured an aggressive horde of the living dead: an Army Of Darkness if you will. Naturally this epic horror has a mighty soundtrack to drive it along, fully orchestrated by The Seattle Symphony Orchestra & Chorus and scored by Joe LoDuca. Gatefold LP with beautiful new artwork, on Mondo.

Track Listing

A1. Prologue
A2. Building The Deathcoaster
A3. Give Me Some Sugar/Bone'anza
A4. Time Traveller A5. Ash Splits

B6. Little Ashes
B7. Ash In Chains
B8. Night Court
B9. The Forest Of The Dead/Graveyard

B10. The Pit
C11. God Save Us
C12. Foul Thing
C13. March Of The Dead (Composed By Ð Danny Elfman)
C14. Whites Of Their Skulls
C15. The Deathcoaster
C16. On The Parapet

D17. Ash Bucklers
D18. Skeletor
D19. Soul Swallower
D20. Manly Men
D21. End Titles