Powder - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Entire Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for Victor Salva meld of science fiction and supernatural fantasy, presented by Hollywood Pictures, starring Mary Steenburgen, Sean Patrick Flanery, Jeff Goldbum, Lance Henrikson. Extraordinary "sleeper" hit for Disney, written by director Salva, brings young Flanery from confined basement life into the real outside world, where he makes both friends, enemies. Nicknamed "Powder" due his hairless, pure white skin, emotional story of youngster born from commingling of human mother and lightning moves him through mystery, terror, awakening and ultimately a transformation into pure energy. Jerry Goldsmith writes music that conveys incredible range, from drama to mystery, from gentle warmth to outright terror, from awakening feelings to outdoor journeys through forests, nature. When climax is reached, Goldsmith ushers in his entire orchestra with powerful symphonic apotheosis rare in film music! Disney's Hollywood label released soundtrack in 1995, containing 35 minutes of highlights. Here in newly expanded Intrada CD are 30 additional minutes of music. Premiering are the powerful, frightening low brass of "Jacob's Ladder/After Shock", the sunny lilt of "New School", the haunting emergence of Powder into the outside world ("Powder"), the opening titles ("Emergency Room"), many others. In fact, none of the first five tracks were released on Hollywood's album. They appear here for the first time as well. Also heard for the first time is "The Farm House", dropped from finished film. Entire CD is presented courtesy Disney from all new masters drawn from original 48-track digital scoring session elements made by Bruce Botnick at Abbey Road Studios in London during September 1995 with Goldsmith conducting the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Generous liner notes from Jeff Bond provide fascinating insights into scoring process, discussions between director and composer plus details on variety of themes and styles covered in this impressive score. Package design by Joe Sikoryak features "flipper" cover art, allowing listener to showcase dramatic full color campaign or stark white art of original album. Alexander Courage orchestrates, Jerry Goldsmith conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra.
Track Listing
01. Emergency Room* (1:50)
02. The Incubator* (2:14)
03. Powder* (3:31)
04. The Books*/YouÕre Afraid* (5:03)
05. The Window* (0:39)
06. The Spoons**/Enemies* (1:49)
07. New School* (1:03)
08. JacobÕs Ladder*/After Shock* (2:30)
09. He Bites* (0:50)
10. IÕm Okay (1:41)
11. Unhappy Days* (0:15)
12. No Questions* (1:42)
13. The Storm*+ (0:56)
14. Nature Walk**/DuncanÕs Revelation (5:16)
15. Not A Friend* (1:230
16. Holding On* (0:38)
17. Tricks/The Hat (4:02)
18. IÕve Tried* (0:48)
19. The Silver Box (8:26)
20. First Kiss (2:25)
21. Going Home* (1:25)
22. The Shower* (0:32)
23. ThatÕs What He Said* (1:00)
24. Freak Show (4:42)
25. The Farm House*+ (1:34)
26. Going Away (3:55)
27. Theme From Powder (4:33)
   *Previously Unreleased
   **Includes Music Previously Unreleased)
   +Includes Music Not Featured in Film