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City Of The Living Dead - Complete Score - Fabio Frizzi

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At last, after so many years in the void, one of the most iconic titles in our discography is available again in a definitive edition, a proper tribute to one of the most successful Fulci-Frizzi collaborations ever. Paura nella cittÀÜ dei morti viventi (City of the Living Dead) was released in theaters in 1980 and starred Christopher George, Catriona MacColl, Carlo De Mejo and Antonella Interlenghi. The plot follows a reporter and a psychic who attempt to seal the gates of hell (opened after a priest commits suicide) before the living dead pour forth onto the earth.
Considered by many a classic in FulciÕs canon, the score by Maestro Frizzi is surely one of the must iconic soundtracks of those composed by him for his friend and director.
Compared to our previous version (BEAT CDCR24), this release features many bonus tracks, new mastering by Enrico De Gemini (supervised by Fabio Frizzi), liner notes (in Italian and English) by Fabio Frizzi, Stephen Thrower, Fabio Babini and Graham Humpreys (whose new artwork dedicated to the movie is featured inside the CD!) and a 16-page booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi. As an additional bonus, we added the suite performed during the 2013 Union Chapel (London) Halloween concertÑ10 minutes of amazing live performance in tribute to the music composed for this movie. What more could you ask for?
Track Listing
1. Introduzione 4:10
2. Fatti misteriosi  2:51
3. Toward dawn 1:19
4. Apoteosi del mistero1:10
5. Occhi di brace 3:17
6. Verso lÕalba 1:47
7. IrrealtÀÜ di suoni 2:54
8. Toward dawn  1:21
9. Paura vivente 1:25
10. Paura e liberazione 2:36
11. Toward dawn 1:37
12. Suoni dissonanti  2:53
13. Apoteosi del mistero  3:56
14. Embers eyes 1:46
15. Tenebre viventi 2:15
16. Dissonant sounds 1:24
17. Toward dawn 1:05
18. Paura nella cittÀÜ dei morti viventi - Suite live *   9:57