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Star Wars The Force Awakens - 2 x CD Expanded Score - Special Edition - John Williams

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Once again, John Williams provides his 10th score to the hugely successful Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. Originally released as a 40 min selection of his score, this expanded edition from LScores now includes tracks and cues never before released. John Williams is a composer of such great talent, he never really fails to deliver a lackluster score, only proving that he is a legend and a superb composer of the like we will perhaps never have again.

Track Listing

Disc One

01-Main Title And The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27)
02-The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53)
03-The Scavenger (CD Version) (3:39)
04-The Lunchtime (Expanded Edition) (1:14)
05-BB-8 Meets Rey
06- I Can Fly Anything (Film Version) (4:09)
07-FinnÕs Trek (1:35)
08-Rey's Theme (3:11)
09-Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09)
10-That Girl with the Staff (1:58)
11-The Rathtars! (Expanded Edition) (1:19)
12-Snoke (Film Version) (2:07)
13-"Arrival At Takodana" (Expanded Edition (1:18)
14-You Got A Name?  (Expanded Edition) (1:32)
15-"Maz Examines Finn (Expanded Edition) (1:16)
16-I√ïm No Hero  (1:06)
17-Maz and Rey (Expanded Edition) (1:46)
18-The Starkiller (1:52)
19-Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (Film Version) (2:15)
20-The Resistance (1:35)
21-The Abduction (Film Version) (1:35)
22-Han and Leia (4:41)
23-March Of The Resistance (Expanded Edition) (2:35)
24-Snoke (2:03)

Disc Two

25-The Bombing Run (2:05)
26-On The Inside (Film Version) (2:54)
27-Torn Apart (Film Version) (4:24)
28-Rey Gets The Lightsaber/The Way Of The Force (Expanded Edition) (3:15)
29-Farewell and The Trip (Film Version) (3:49)
30-The Jedi Steps and Finale (Expanded Edition) (9:58)
31-Scherzo For X-Wings (2:32)